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Life Writing
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Howard Zinnser says that "Writers are the custodians of memory, and memories have a way of dying with their owner. One of the saddest sentences I know is 'I wish I had asked my mother about that.'" Marianne Brandis says that "Life-writing, if it is to be of any value, must be something more than amusing or scandalous anecdotes. Whatever its form or content or focus, it should aim for honesty and try to provide insight. Every writer will achieve these things differently; because no two lives are the same, no two memoirs will have the same shape."

This is a community for life-writing in all its forms, including autobiogrpahy, biography, fictional biography, memoir, travel writing and biomythography. It is a forum where we can share writing, learn new techniques, read and share about recent life-writing publications, and for those who want it, give and receive constructive criticism on our life-writing.